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Turbulent States

Anthony Fisher’s deeply incised lines embody energies and frequencies painstakingly tuned to evoke internal states. His new work expresses a profound recent interest in the use of extensions of his body to make drawings and videos.  This recent work has been forged by an ongoing personal journey of being unable to walk without pain.

Fisher’s process involves the invention of tools and “machines” that he operates to create marks. These herculean efforts are recorded in videos that bear witness to the elaborate, cumbersome process of his drawing. The turbulence of the marks communicates aspects of an internal state, especially longings to recapture joy in freedom of movement. He is persistently interested in how his images can be made.

First inspired by Leonardo’s beautiful roiling, squally drawings of deluges and tempests, Fisher summons similar energies employing his body and drawing tool inventions.

Short Biography

Associate Professor in Fine Arts at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth received his MFA from Yale University and his BFA from Carnegie-Mellon University. 

Fisher’s recent solo exhibition in New York City took place in Galerie Mourlot in Spring, 2018.  His work has been reviewed in Art News, Art Critical,and Painting Perceptions. Mr. Fisher’s work is included in numerous private and public collections.

Statement about the work

 The quality of drawing that particularly interests me can be measured by the extent to which it summons compelling thoughts, feelings, and ideas into the mind of the viewer. It is profound that innovations and the strategic organization of a handful of marks and erasures can both simultaneously evoke potent, vivid descriptions and the presence and sensations of an underlying psyche. Just as the carefully crafted combinations of words in a poem rely heavily on the audial sounds of those words for effective emanation of it’s content, the drawing relies on pre-cognitive visual stimulation from very particular animation imbued in the mark.

Through obsessive scraping and erasing my charcoal becomes increasingly animated and agitated. Until something emerges from my material that embodies and evokes a particular presence, I fold my constructions back into the inert material and try over and over again to provoke and imbue it with meaning. As a process, drawing is less “encumbered” than painting. Ideas and goals are more transparent and closer to the surface. Drawing always leads me to technical improvements and deeper, clearer content in my paintings. I draw as often as I paint.

Selected Exhibitions:

2018   Galerie Mourlot, NY, NY Solo Show, “Turbulent States”

2017   University of North Carolina, International Juried Show, Asheville, NC“8th Annual Drawing Discourse”

2016    Indiana University Center for Art & Design, “Drawing and the Brain”

Invitational symposium and exhibition, Columbus, IN

2015    Oresman Gallery, Smith College, Solo Show, “New Work” Smith College, Northampton, MA

First Street Gallery, NY, NY “2015 National Juried Exhibition”

2013    Galerie Mourlot, NY, NY Solo Show, “Portraits”

2012    Unit One Gallery, Group Show, 798 Art District, Beijing China, “Drawing and Drawings”

Markowicz Fine Art, Art Fair, Miami FL, “Art Basel/Miami Beach”

Wright State University, Two-Person Show, Dayton OH,

“Donald Beal and Anthony Fisher: Paintings and Drawings”

2011    Manifest Creative Research Gallery, Cincinnati OH,

“Tapped: Professors and Former Students” Cotuit Center for The Arts, Cotuit MA, Solo Show,

“Anthony Fisher: Paintings and Drawings 2007-2011”

Zolla Lieberman Gallery, Chicago IL, “Group Exhibition”

2010   Galerie Mourlot, NY, NY Solo Show, “Portraits”

2009    Eli Marsh Gallery, Amherst College, Solo Show, “Recent Paintings”

2008    Daneyal Mahmood Gallery, NY, NY “Meat After Meat Joy”

2007   Galerie Mourlot, NY, NY Solo Show, “New Paintings”

2004   Greer Museum, Rio Grande OH, “Five New England Artists”

2003   Prince Street Gallery, NY, NY Solo Show, “New Paintings”

2002   Prince Street Gallery, NY, NY “New Gallery Artists”

2001   Bowling Green University, Bowling Green OH, “Personal Spaces”

1997   Robert Steele Gallery, NY NY, “Intimate Universe (Revisited)”

1996   O’Hara Gallery, NY NY, “The Small Painting”



 MFA, Yale University School of Art, New Haven CT

 BFA, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA



2008 – present  Associate Professor, University of MA, Dartmouth

1999 – 2008  Faculty, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


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Telephone: 617-964-2845